Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Syriza's First Congress: Maastrichts Children Coming Back with a Vengenance

With tough negotiations for the debt.

With the aim of erasing large part of the debt, adding a growth clause, and
freezing loan interest repayment.

With a strong Alliance of the South.

With the aim of an international convention for the debt, similar to the London
Agreement on the German debt in 1953

These positions, which to some might sound utopian, will become material power
and will gain much more international support when SYRIZA emerges from the
elections as a majority party and the Left forms a new government.

And do you know who with their attitude show they believe in SYRIZA? Those who
fear SYRIZA.

Tsipras Speech from Syriza Conference

We have gone from a unilateral cancellation of the debt the abolition of the
Memoranda overnight to a.... European Convention on the debt.

After one year with three serious battles (Halkidiki gold mine, Metroworkers
strike and public tv ERT closure) the electoral polls for Syriza have constantly
been below the 27% they got in the last elections. The 'closer' it gets to
power, the more it accommodates to Greeces 'creditors' and this isn't lost on
the electorate. Paid professional politicians are precisely that, they will say
and do anything at any moment in time of their choosing without even a blink of
an eyelid. Tsipras isn't a break with the past but a continuation of it.

Maastrichts children are finally coming full circle.

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