Saturday, 16 April 2011

Suspension of Greek Constitution= Personalities in the service of the IMF?

Is a government of personalities including Theodorakis being brewed?
During every serious Greek crisis, the man of the system Theodorakis
once more comes round to 'save it'...

PASOK may be preparing itself to go into oblivion as Papandreou has repeatedly stated that he would always suffer a political cost by going into oblivion in trying
to maintain the banksters massive Greek bondholdings.

A movement was created like the first days of PASOK against the IMF,
which then had to be sold out for the demands of the IMF to create confusion amongst the masses, by suspending the constitution and not resigning or going for a new round of elections. The issue now is if the people organised around the Spitha movement, agree to be part of the IMF or go against it.

Ten ministries on paper have been handed out to many in the close
circle of Theodorakis and the son of a Greek general who was in charge
during the civil war era, Markezini has been touted as the new
imported PM from London....

The IMF quislings are trying to buy time to avoid the coming insurrection. They will try to ban strikes and go ahead with the E50billion mass privatisation programme. But time this time round is in short supply.

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  1. Markezini was in the era of the military junta not the civilwar.

    The son is here: