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Firebombing Greek Tourist Hotspots to Sell ‘Climate Change'

‘We would want to have more means to firefight but those we have are aplenty’ 
PM Mitsotakis 24/07/23 

Having driven everyone mad with a non-existent permanent heatwave the Greek globalist govt elected in the same manner as Biden (via electoral fraud) is pushing climate change as the cause of all manners of ills and is selling Convid style Lockdowns. A day doesn’t pass without new measures being announced, eg closure of parks, not supporting children being at the beach between 1-5pm or taking out rubbish at the same time, or not allowing home deliveries to occur when the temperature hits +40c…

Burning Down Northern Evia
A couple of years ago massive swathes of a forest in Northern Evia was burnt to smithereens. Everyone at the time noted fire planes and the fire brigade didn’t turn up in a timely manner allowing the fires to burn without limits. The govt had already agreed to build massive wind farms alongside the mountain ranges of North Evia as they already have in the South. One understands the logistics of it that you need access to get to the top and with tonnes of trees in the way the cost quadruples. Without the trees in the way your problems are solved. So by getting rid of the forests you can blame climate change and the benefit is you can build wind farms that you have already agreed beforehand. 

During these fires the emphasis of the Mitsotakis govt was not to have any human casualties and this has been its raison d’etre in relation to what went on before (Syriza handling of Mati fires) so the forced mass evacuations and let peoples houses burn. Many people refused to leave and saved their properties and recently in the fires in Mandra, Attiki again fights broke out between the citizens and the police to ignore the orders. That is how the slogan PM ‘Mitsotaki Go Fcuk Yourself’ emerged and went viral that it became a football chant. 

In a recent speech in Parliament PM Mitsotakis stated that we have 3500 windfarms set up and we need to double it to 7000. In theory when they were first promoted on the islands the locals were going to get lower electricity bills but this went out of the window. Each wind turbine costs at least one million euros without the set up costs. The actual turbines destroy the ecosystem by not allowing pollination by bees as they cannot fly through let alone the amount of concrete needed for the base which destroys the natural contours of the mountain and the residue of collapsed wind turbines that end up in the mountain water streams we end up drinking. Of course local contractors make money on building the base of these wind farms and they promote the official line that they are there to help us. 

The myth for decades was the fires were done to build housing but that fell through in the decade of the Memorandums when all building work was stalled and by the fact that many of these fires were on mountain ranges and you would require helicopter access to get there. For years they blamed grannies for leaving a pizza on, for pine cones, for electricity substations, for cigaretters thrown by drivers in passing cars to justify massive fires when in reality they were all a product of organised arson. You can enforce climate change if you get rid of forests in the Attiki region which is what has occurred and then run articles that Athens will soon be like the Sahara desert…. 

The govt has paid lip service to the claims of organised arson which are now mainstream and cannot be covered up so the govt proposed a doubling of the investigative efforts of an arson team.
Self burning trees from the base!!

Why Rhodes and why Corfu?
 In order to gain maximum effect you target tourist areas that have global reach in terms of media and which areas are available those where British are so the BBC and CNN could re-broadcast people walking amid a backdrop of fires. No one asks how fires start now in the middle of mountain ranges and spread downwards? 

 Arson has been a feature of Greek fires not now but for at least 3 decades. The two most famous ones are the fires in the 2000 decade with tens dead over the Burghas pipeline deal which collapsed the Karamanlis govt and the recent ones in Mati in 2018 under the Syriza govt where over 100 died. Almost all reports that have emerged uncensored in the media point to organised arson. A Mayor of Karystos in Evia Island which also had a fire stated openly he saw three different locations of a fire start simultaneously. Subsequently airborne firefighters crashed killing two pilots in firefighting planes that are almost double the age of the young pilots. 

When we had the fires in the late 2000 decade and the Chief Firefighter was resigned by the Karamanlis govt for negligence, Papandreou as opposition leader came out in his defence and blew his cover when he stated the man had been trained by the FBI (ie a US spook) which shows a direct and close connection between the state entities in Greece and the big powers that manage it. Throughout December 2022 military exercises occurred in Rhodes. Who is to tell us they didn’t plant arsonist equipment that could be used when the wind is high and start fires in multiple locations (as this has been the feature of all the major fires). 

UK leading wind farm country

What happened in Lockdown? Lufthansa funded to not fly. Holidays targeted as a climate change event, which flying on a private jet is a non climate change event and gods holy work by the great and the good. There is some logic to that as quite a few planes take off and block presumably flight paths and the globalists who run the planet want their movement curtailed and their plan of 15m cities and electric cars that don’t travel more than 250 miles implies that you will be stuck where your work/live, whilst a globalist oligarchy will have total freedom of movement.

All the British tourist areas in 2021 were targeted when the Greek government in alliance with the British one blocked British tourists and places like Rhodes and Greece were empty. The propaganda effect for Convid was massive at the time. The big tour operators like TUI (German-British interests) were compensated and the employees maintained their winter unemployment benefits throughout the summer. Going on holiday was at your one risk as you could catch the deadliest disease ever! A cold on a summer beach with a beer or two in hand and off to the hospital you go if the rapid test proved positive.

Its no coincidence again then a TUI operated hotel was targeted in Lindos leading to a mass evacuation of 10% of the tourists currently residing in Rhodes. The Germans are the main exporters of the wind farms so if these mountain ranges on the islands are to accept them they have to be burnt. A double whammy which serves both agendas: climate change and renewable energy plus a reduction in tourism as one will be holidaying in moon style surroundings with no vegetation in the coming years. 

Where the current fire is where the windfarms are planned to go…

Now why weren’t other areas targeted where they are eg Balkan tourists like the Halkidiki peninsula or the global citizen tourists who frequent Mykonos or Santorini or Swedish tourists like in Kos? They couldn’t guarantee of course the global reach of the US/UK media networks and the selling of the climate change.

It appears the Mitsotakis govt has elevated himself into the position of global climate change advocate and is using the state entities to derail, undermine all firefighting efforts and has refused Russian help as he is more interested in supporting neonazi Azovists militarily and being on what he calls the ‘right side of history’ as opposed to Fukuyamas ‘End of History’ in other words with NATO till then end of time. 
'Climate change' champion chief arsonist Mitsotakis

‘Climate change’ is cornerstone of the WEF agenda. The gangsters that run the Greek government and the parties of the ‘opposition’ are administering this enforced change to the detriment of the citizens of the country, the wildlife and the fauna and flora.
Evans Agelissopoulos
26th July 2023

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