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1980 Greek Deep State: Firebombing Independent Traders for EEC Entry

In 1980 prior to Greece’s entry to the EEC there was an organized plan of burning down Greece’s premier shops Minion and Katratzos. This was the beginning of the end of Greek shopkeepers and the entrance of large multinationals in our country.

This nightmarish scenario was repeated on 3rd June 1981 with the parallel burning of the shops Klaoudatos and Atene and in a smaller extension on 4th July Dragonas and three days later in the shops Lambropoulos in Piraeus. The barrage of these firebombed buildings buried Greek shopkeepers and the entrance of large foreign multinationals in our country.

On the morning 19th December 1980 we had two parallel fires that destroyed two of the most historic shops in Athens ‘Minion’ and ‘Katrantzos’ during the holiday period. We are dealing with fires and the police labelled them terrorist events.

3am in the morning on Friday eyewitness accounts in both stores heard explosions and seconds later saw fires emerge from both buildings. In a few minutes big fires burnt the buildings to the ground due to the stock inside and not enough walls dividing the areas.

The firebrigade that arrived in both areas with 38 vehicles and 170men had a difficult job to do. Their main aim was to contain the fire so it didn’t spread to the surrounding buildings. The fire was of such intensity that Minion only had the frame left whilst the Katrantzo store collapsed. The damage was equivalent to 2 billion drachmas. Until today both cases Minion and Katrantzos and the other four remain without knowing who the perpetrators were and they have been legally timed out.

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Dendias Minister of Interior Confronted by Greek Citizens on Discussion Programme 2014

Dendias Minister of Interior Confronted by Greek Citizens on Discussion Programme 2014

Part One
Citizen Marios: I will differentiate myself from the official line that exists on terrorism. Terrorism existed in the first 75 odd years of the 19th century. They who carried it out realised that nothing worked with this method that no one could expect anything from the killing of people high up and slowly but surely it ended. Terrorism re-emerged once more in the Western World.

Reporter Hatzinikolaou: Let us not have a history lesson as we are opening up a whole can of worms…get to the question. We cant just a have a history lesson we will become a literary circle.

Marios: I believe terrorism is controlled and directed by the secret services.

Reporter: That is a view and you are stating that terrorism is being directed.

Marios: Why is it being directed? For what reason? We have reached the point that when people hit the streets we have police everywhere armed and this no longer makes an impression on anyone. They consider it normal.

Reporter: Are you now saying we are a police state?

Marios: We are a police controlled state. It didn’t really start from the military junta. It isn’t either a coincidence. One could justify some of these actions. (Editor Terrorist attacks) It started in 1976 essentially after the murder of the American Wells. So as to get the CIA off the hook. Then we have the second symptom that the arch torturer of the police under the Junta Mallios is murdered. One could argue that one of his victims bumped him off. But a bit later Babalis doorbell was rang they speak to him on the phone before and he goes downstairs to open the door in his robe and they bump him off. I can also remind people of the infamous case of Savvas Xiros (Editors note – 17th November fame). A lawyer stated that what concerns him is that Xiros had gone to the scene of the alleged explosion (Editors note – bomb went off in his hand) with all his ID information, all the information of the secret hideouts, numbers of members of 17th November…

Reporter: You need to finish

Marios: One last comment from a previous Interior Ministor to Mr Dendias a document I have with me. Valirakis MP PASOK said the following “the only ‘evidence’ we have of the alleged left wing origin of 17th November are the leaflets it produced (Editors note – they were dumped inside a dustbin of Eleftherotipia papers). As long as the Greek secret service isn’t a nation state based unit the country will be victim to blackmail from terrorism. We must not forget the recent reports by the State Department and the US Congress regarding terrorism in Greece. As long as the Greek secret service has open doors to the US intelligence service, as long as we accept illegal activities of the CIA and other foreign secret service agencies in Greece as long as we try to legalise these activities with special laws our national safety will be up in the air” Valirakis.

Part Two
Minister Dendias: I am responding to the first citizen (Editors note – not Marios) the known danger which threatens us a society wrong economic measures, wrong political choices etc. we are attempting to compare two single events which aren’t related eg. terrorism and political choices. In the same line even if they are not the same and comparing it with the worst political choices taken. That shouldn’t occur. If we want to fight the threat of terrorism we have to be clear as a society that violence is of another league if we are taking away human life. If Greek society doesn’t take this into account we will be suffering what we are suffering now. Terrorism doesn’t threaten the powerful.

Reporter: The citizen before us stated I am not frightened of Xiros but Stournaras (Editors note central bankster of Greece)
Minister Dendias; What is the citizen stating? I am frightened of want, frightened of the crisis, I am frightened of the economic crisis. Rhetorical question. Does the possibility exist for economic development for a country that is a victim of terrorism? For whatever reason one judges in their own conscience that someone is reactionary and must be shot. Will anyone come to invest in this country? Who will come to the country if we cant reduce mass unemployment, the big battle as we have more than 50% of the youth unemployed, if we have no investments in the country we are condemned. Can we have investments under a regime suffering from terrorism? They can go wherever they want? Why should they come from here?

Reporter: The other citizen stated that terrorism is being run from the secret services… (Editors Note Dendia laughs) but what was read regarding the statements from the ex-Interior Minister of Greece Valirakis are important
Minister Dendias: Scenarios exist all the time, in Greece we love conspiracy theories, we have to get beyond this we have to go forward make another step. We mustn’t sit here and work out who did what and why? I can add if something is illegal many things can occur. We as a state we have an ultimate duty to confront terrorism to fight it and defeat it. Making analysis of such an issue does not help us.

Citizen Konstantinos: I am not young, I am listening to you for so long here.

Reporter Hatzinikolaou: Please hold the microphone close to you

Konstantinou: I am gobsmacked by your responses for so long here. You are bluffing, being demagogic and not responding to the questions asked.

Reporter: Instead of making comments, can you try to ask a question

Konstantinou: If the Minister is not going to answer is there a point? The friend from the back said…
Reporter: I need to stop you there, I need to tell you something if you allow me…
Konstantinou: Of course speak your mind

Reporter: You have every right to judge make comments on the Minister but for the show it is more crucial to speak directly about what you want to ask

Konstantinou: I will. What I am talking about is the essence.

Reporter: I heard three characterisations, demagoguery, bluffing, populist. I don’t want characterisations, I want you to get to the point.
Konstantinou: I will explain. The Minister stated they are an elected and legal government. That doesn’t stand. They got a 50MPs bonus, they stole the vote of the Greek people, they govern with Presidential decrees which don’t even pass Parliamentary procedure. In the first elections that occurred we had 40% abstention, then we had 46% abstention in the second elections and we found 115.000 new people voting electronically. We can no longer count how many voted in each district, they are no longer published. You are a government comprising 12% of the population, you are a Quisling government, you execute Merkel’s decisions, the new 4th Reich you are implementing Hitlers programme economically incinerating the Greek people. We have had 7,000 suicides, murders, you are morally responsible and you come here to tell us what?
That terrorism is real! There is no left wing or right wing terrorism. It is state sponsored terrorism. It belongs to the state, so it has police everywhere, so it can intervene when it wants to and create the theory of the ‘two extremes’ in the last period with Pavlos Fissas where allegedly Pavlos Rupakias killed him..

Reporter: What does this alleged killing of Fissas by Rupakias mean?

Konstantinos: The msm stated Rupakias got an order from Golden Dawn to go kill Fissas in Koralis street in full public view? Does that sound logical. Would someone go into a public square in full public view, with no gloves so evidence can exist and stab someone openly?

Reporter: There were witnesses.

Konstantinos: Witnesses, now that is a joke. 30 policemen were protecting the area and the murder. You are now laughing. All of these are conspiracy scenarios like the Twin Towers that were allegedly brought down by the Taliban..

Reporter: Leave the Twin Towers out of this…

Konstantinos: Like the friend above said when they took the hit out on Babalis (Junta era torturer- Editor) in Amfialis street 10 people knocked on his door and one man was armed as stated by his sister in Apogevmatini newspaper, they said Nikos come down it’s the police, just like Kounfontinas (17th November fame) was in the Greek secret service who was driving round American special forces who once having carried out their dirty deeds were driven back to the US Embassy and Koufontinas was allowed to circulate freely. Where are you selling this terrorist bullshit scenarios to? Yourselves? The Greek people? You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Reporter: Lets go for a small break to calm down and respond.

Reporter: I have hundreds of messages that what was said about Fissas and how he was murdered. This show is free for people to speak their mind. Two issues regarding areas the police were going to investigate the reporter who was made deaf from police noise bombs dropped on demonstrators the colleague was covering demos Manolis Kipreos and police violence against a photoreporter and whether measures will be investigated.

Minister Dendias: I only know of the first person and I have re-started an investigation.

Reporter: People think this is a coverup.

Minister Dendias: Previously the police rep stated that for small issues let alone big ones police have been prosecuted. I don’t say that I have all the information I don’t even believe I am the official representative of the Greek police I am the political manager of the Greek police. I will only state when the official bodies of the state find an issue of responsibility they will pay.
Editors Note: No answers to previous citizens concern only that he was threatened during the break.

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Greek Fake Terrorist Trials: ELA - The Big Conspiracy

A Kanas was one of a few found guilty and charged on 11.10.2004 for 1174 years prison for allegedly participating in terrorist activities from 1974 in the so-called Revolutionary Popular Struggle organisation which ran parallel to the 17th November... Was subsequenlty released when the sham trials collapsed...

Aggelatos Kanas

The Big Conspiracy

The Current Frauds and the Modern Collaborators like Tsigaridas

I decided to produce this Information Bulletin so people can learn various things regarding the 2nd act of the trial theatre from the 7th February at the 3rd Circuit Court in Athens. Events which are being hidden from the Greek people.

Most journalists and newspapers stopped dealing with what is known as the ELA trial as it no longer sells. They pretend it no longer exists, they surpass it, they don’t write anything, they act the like there is no event and they bypass it. They only will report something that aids the prosecution.

Truth and reality is totally different. Due to the representation and declarations they have revealed that the web of lies and the creation of this Big Conspiracy they are all trying to hide saving the lost cause.

That is why the supporters of the prosecution, the judiciary, the solidarity movement, the journalists and the MSM have created a coalition and are attempting to hide from people reality. That this trial is a CONSPIRACY based on evidence that is sponsored, fake witnesses and fake members of ELA as is the main culprit the casino gambler Tsigaridas.

In reality the journalists and their papers have transformed themselves into adjuncts and implementers of the main directing centre of made up conspiracies and fake trials.

The ELA fake terrorist trial

The eras change, the public prosecutors no longer base a charge sheet solely with the manufactured and funded witnesses and pseudo witnesses and neither on the loud alleged members of the organisations that carry out violence. This they did in the past, in the last few decades they have reformed the manner in which they set CONSPIRACIES and TRIALS. A charge sheet is no longer based solely by the prosecuting state. Basically members of such an organisation (ie terrorist) even if they don’t have any actual members who are willing to collaborate or be manufactured as in the case of Tsigaridas.

If we have a look at Italy we will see that not only from the members of organisations we had the appearance of modern collaborators who achieved reduced sentences, without openly speaking in courts against their compatriots, but only indirectly.

Their stance in court was a by product of collaboration and agreement with the prosecutors. They were asked for one thing and one thing only. To not doubt in court the charge sheet against the others on trial. To not condemn it, to not fight it, to remain silent confirming it indirectly. Or when they mention certain words they do it in such a manner that they support the prosecutors charge sheet. In return as noted previously they got reduced sentences in contrast with all the others who condemned the trials who ended up rotting in prison.

They supported the prosecutors with their position, their silence, the indirect but clear references to the quiet collaboration in the manufactured conspiracies, their quiet acquiescence in these manufactured conspiracies, their indirect support for the prosecutors with phrases like its ‘my honour and my judgement, to not respond’! These words these phrases aren’t simply Tsigaridas and they have been heard in other trials and these allegedly from the point of view of the alleged revolutionary, the militant not the open agent provocateur who used to be the members and who stated openly in court what the police gave them to read whether it was real or false.

These modern agent provocateurs don’t go to prison and if they do they are released immediately. Also during their arrest and for as long as the trials continue and all their allied collaborators who praise their deeds and glorify them. From that alone one understands that the modern collaborator when his own enemy publisices him in all manner of ways that he is a militant revolutionary so as to not appear as a common crook like Tsigaridas is.

Its never happened before in history the prosecuting bodies and the whole panoply of the state to glorify someone who allegedly took up arms against it to overthrow it. Everywhere and always they slagged em off, attacked them, vilified them. Thats what happened in our country after WW2. Only after half a century had passed was there some recognition from some quarters. Your enemy always attacks you. For if they praise you for the average person that means that they support your actions that you did well and take up arms. Therefore there is another reason they raise your profile something else is occurring.

The authorities when they realised that behind the leftist phraseology there is a crook a bankrupt big hotel owner, an addicted gambler who lives in the casino, horse racing, card playing clubs etc they rubbed their hands with glee. They cut a deal. You will ‘ with honour and ‘responsibility’ accept the charge sheet, leave everything else to us, the united centre of fake terrorism. We will set up trials and countertrials, we will put you ‘inside’ for 2-3 months to confuse the waters and in return in the specific case of Tsigarida, we will re adjust the debts of the hotel in Kalymnos which has a 250 bed capacity.

-On 17th February 2005 I made a statement and placed certain essential questions. This statement I have repeated many times over without Tsigaridas himself ever responding and neither from any of his supporters. I am repeating it here:
The previous trial-farce and this one which follows the previous one if Mr Tsigaridas hadn’t undertaken ‘spontaneously’ to accept the political responsibility so as to have all the subsequent trials.

Someone who is a member of an organisation that practices violence (blows up cars, buildings and people) when they participate in the activities and its violent actions and not when they read about these violent actions in the papers (as Tsigaridas repeatedly has stated in court and in response to his police interviews).

Then they aren’t a member but a reader a con artist.
Therefore he was either a member of ELA and participated in activities and he lies that he read all this from the press or he wasn’t a member and he is lying stating he participated.

In both instances he is a liar and untrustworthy and holds this position until the court case occurs and three people are charged for a crime that requires Tsigaridas cooperation.

Tsigaridas supporters circulates that this trial but also the previous one is based on the known false witness and manufactured in hindsight member of ELA Kiriakidou and in various other manufactured pseudo witnesses.

This is a lie as their case is crude and well known to the Greek nation.

These trials are based on one and only witness who in order to support that must make it appear from the side of the militant-revolutionary and not on behalf of the prosecuting powers.

As this gentleman is a core base of support to those who manufactured this ridiculous web of deceipt, for whom no such trial could be based and could not be based. All together the united supporters of the prosecutors agenda try to save Tsigaridas from not imploding. Everyone supports him, all praise him as he has offered invaluable services to the state mechanisms that created this Big Conspiracy.

-The Solidarity Movement, in otherwords they who self-declare themselves as a movement (for which all the leaders, cadres, followers etc don’t surpass 50 people) in order to have political support and an echo in public, support the open and modern collaborators of the establishment. They have been doing this for years from the era they shouted ‘hands off the militant Kristalli’. Today they themselves shout ‘hands off the militant Tsigaridas’.

These people, these supporters of the crook Tsigaridas not only are base but also ahistorical. It is now known that various revolutionaries of 1821 done deals ie secret agreements with the Turks, with whom they fought. Whoever doubts it let them look at the recent book of Kosti Papagiorgi ‘The Lids’ which refers to these cases. To some of them history absolved them, to others it condemned them. Today we aren’t going to deal with the massive questions which emerge from the dubious relevance of various individuals who don’t even touch the soles of the militants of 1821. At the same time when the whole world knows we are dealing with fake militants.

That is why no serious individual will end up with any of them. Even if they do by accident once they realise what they have done they will make a run for it. That is why they remain the same number of people, we see them one whole lifetime. All of these people for the Greek nation are nobodys, everyone knows they are part of the prosecuting authorities that is why they ignore them detest them.

All of these clowns in the name of the mass movement are allegedly interested in the Solidarity Movement and those imprisoned-gaoled. So as to achieve this they put everything in one big bag: agents provocateurs, supporters, prison finks, open and modern collaborators they all sign common statements make announcements and declare unity, economic support, collaboration and solidarity with the imprisoned.

I have repeated many times before and will do so again that with all those Pimps and foremen of the ‘solidarity’ movement for prisoners I never had a relationship and neither do I want to.

-If Tsigaridas was what he said he was he must have taken part in some struggles in the 1960’s decade, during the dictatorship but also after the period of the restoration of democracy and he would have brought at least one witness to court to say two words. But where could he find such a witness? In the casino? The dog track? In the card playing associations or in his hotel businesses? To which it is well known that such businesses are a fundamental support of the social regime for which the crook Tsigaridas allegedly wanted to overthrow!

The three who came cannot be taken into account as they are trained professional witnesses who have undertaken this role in a series of these types of trials in the last years and they have an analogous political character.

The old and well known cadre and founding member of the Committee of Defence of Social and Political Rights one of the self-declared collectives of the Solidarity Movement Kostas Folias had condemned and revealed that from 1996 via the top agent Apostolos Vavilis that the secret services had come close to him for him to become a collaborator – agent.

I am asking: All these who are touted as leaders of the Solidarity Movements and a few of this clique weren’t called by the sercret services to give heaven and earth to these same secret services? In other words to collaborate grassing comrades and to play the role of the Trojan Horses inside circles of the ‘movement’?

They only called Mr Kostas Folias for a ‘friendly chat’? He is the only one who has the morality and the honour to condemn it openly and immediately the event took place. Read the ‘IOS’ page of the Saturday Eleftherotipia on 12.2.2005. All the others that were called what type of conversation did they hold? What did they agree?

These gentleman circulate that with the line of defence which I am following I am bothering my co-prisoners. If that is so why don’t my co-prisoners condemn me?

To the only people I am damaging are the leaders of the Solidariy Movement and the modern collaborators with the establishment prosecutions who with their practice, their statements have revealed their role.

These gentlemen because they cant frighten me and control me start to defame me, they circulate that with my defensive line that I admit that I am guilty. This is the know goebellistic tactic which doesn’t wash with me. They need to go elsewhere!

Dear solidarity supporters on who decides the defence line of a condemned person is a fundamental issue of principles which does not allow any form of deviation for whoever has the most minimal relationship with the left and the popular movement.

The well known stalinoagentprovocateur tactic you are following, in other words character assassination then blackmail shows you have no relationship with the left. You are working for others I have stated it many times before and most people realise it. On your own you have revealed your role!

I would like to thank all those who for 2.5 years have supported me morally and materially and have supported with your statements to the prosecuting authorities, your signatures on statements of support and your interest.

The most simple means of support for me is to circulate and to distribute this Information Bulletin. Everywhere in the whole world.

Koridallos Prison, Big Saturday 30th April 2005
Aggelatos Emmanouel Kanas

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Greek SWP the 'Workers Party' of the Ruling Class

I have dealt with the SWP many times before in particular in its positions taken on Syria and Ukraine. In other words in supporting the imperialist interventions in countries which had some leaderships which were an obstacle to the Western Empire. These positions were combined with direct mobilisations for the removal of the Embassy of Syria from our country.

A position which contributed in adopting imperialist interventions which led to slaughter in both countries and thousands of dead. That which we have led in the dark has been the leading cadres of the SWP, those that directed the organisation in Greece.

They who hide behind Petros Konstantinou who receives all the limelight and all the attacks. Few had noticed the existence of Panos Garganas and Leandros Bolaris and with this article it is a clear opportunity to realise understand them.

Supremo Panos Garganas Leader of Greek SWP

Panos Garganas is a son of the previous big businessman of the Flour Industry in Thrace and MP in Evros during the 1953-1963 with ERE (3rd Reich Quislings of the Right) Christos Garganas. He has a brother and a sister and his sister married Ioannis Ouzounopoulos from another family in the flour industry in Easter and Western Thrace. One can find information regarding the company here

The other brother is the well known big banker who was Greece’s central banker in the era we adopted the Euro Nikos Garganas.

Nikos Gargana’s was Greece’s central banker from June 2002 till June 2008 at the same period he was a member of the General Council of the European Central Bank. In the same period he was with PM Simitis who trapped the Greek people and put them into the Euro. More information is to be found here

Panos Garganas now appears to have no relationship with his family. In a local paper in Thrace he appears like they are two different people who are involved in diametric opposite worldviews whereby Nikos Garganas is in the high society of the Bank of Greece whilst his brother Panos is on the streets against globalisation.

Panos Garganas is maybe the Che Guevara of Greece?

He grew up in a big bourgeois family and ‘left’ everything to join the struggle. In the struggle for the defence of the working class whose interests he defended supporting Maidan in the Ukraine and then refusing to support Donbass and also supporting all the anti-regime organisations in Syria for the overthrow of Assad.

The revolutionary Gargana had supported PASOK in at least two confirmed cases. In 1993 and 1996 with Simitis as leader. They have also made statements in support of Andreas Papandreou.

‘PASOK without Illusions’

Where we see the two brothers allegedly having a different direction find enough common ground to be united in a common struggle for the rise of PASOK to the Government.

In particular Simits PASOK where fate turned Nikos Garganas to play a decisive role in the entrance of Greece in the Euro and thus the people from the common currency to be in competition with powers like Germany.

Leandros Bolaris

The historian Leandros Bolaris is a leading cadre of the members of the SWP and a journalist for their paper ‘Workers Solidarity’ and he also writes for the magazine ‘socialism from Below’. Fate played a difficult game for Leandros as he ended up in a different camp to his sister Maria Bolari who is founding member of DEA (Internationalist Labour Left)

DEA and SWP originated from a split of OSE (Organisation of Socialist Revolution) and thus both siblings ended up being on different sides of the struggle and giving their all to the ‘defence of working class interests’.

A defence of the working class which they cannot sense as based on a publication regarding how much they are worth Maria Bolari has a cash estate of Euro 500,000.

A defence of the working class in Suria and the Ukraine and historically with the counterrevolution in Hungary. History does not end there and close to these two are various workers of the Party. Various individulas whose economic health isn’t reported on but only their professional activity and their practice in the struggle.

Party members like Petros Konstantinou who give their all for the imposition of imperialism and the rise of fascism in our country. In reality not workers but bourgeois who are in total harmony with imperialist plans and there is no end in the hypocracy which we say with their hypocritical condemnation of Greek Nationalism but their support to Erdogan and the Turkish nationalist DEP which has close relationships with the Grey Wolves.

KEERFA member burning the Greek flag with other agent provocateurs…

Bourgeois imperialist voices who not only support and promote the symbols of KEERFA in provocative manoeuvres of the burning of the Greek flag which will bring about many reactions.

This is what SWP and KEERFA are the ‘Labour Party’ of the Bourgeoisie and the close circle of Simitis. Characters that have a specific role and that is the imposition of Imperialism from below. The role of Golden Dawn from the Left, the role of the PARAMILITARY state…

Christofors Triantifillos