Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Burning Greeks Alive: Evacuation Anomalies and Inconsistencies Part 4

Dancing Whilst Athens Burns

Regional Governnor Rena Dourou and Mayor of Marathon Psinakis in happier times

The issue burning Greek society now is why no evacuation was organised after they found that some evacuation occurred by the Mayor of Athens. There is a Greek saying ‘blood has been spilt, revenge which should be sought’…. Will it?

There was a children’s summer camp site with over 600 children in Agios Andreas which was positioned right next to Mati. Somehow it was evacuated in time and over 15 coaches arrived somehow to carry this out. A cousin of mine sent their child there last year and stated the buses collected all children from central Athens. Hence any buses ready for evacuation would have left Athens. Hold on to that thought for a minute.

This is the location of the summer camps.

There are three versions as to when it was evacuated. One by the Minister of Interior Toscas who at a press conference mentioned 5pm. Another a tweet by an eyewitness who stated 5.30pm. A third by a news journalist who interviewed the director working at the camp site stating 6.15pm. Which version are we expected to believe.

The fire is alleged to have started prior to 5pm. One has a facebook posting at 5pm approximately showing smoke from the area of the original source of the fire. So it was started anytime between 4.30pm to 4.50pm. It lasted maximum 90 minutes and there were very strong winds, its total length was around 5km. Strong winds imply fire speed at anything between 5-10km with 5km being the slowest and 10km the highest. So by all accounts the fire if started at 4.30pm the earliest time possible would have ended at 6pm or reached its final destination and if started 15m later would have ended at 6.15pm. Leoforos Marathonas was closed at 6.15pm hence the fire had already passed its halfway point. Whatever times we use its impossible for 15 coaches to have arrived from central Athens prior to 6pm (it takes approximately an hour and it implies 15 coach drivers are on standby to drive off, which is unbelievable as no company works like that)

Tweet by eyewitness which states children were being evacuated alongisde army camp at 5.30pm as she was there at Agios Andreas. The fire was still at Neo Voutsa. At 6pm it passed Leoforos Marathonas. At 6.20pm it had reached towards the sea.

According to reports circulated in Kathimerini they decided at 5pm to evacuate. Somehow around 15 coaches arrived by 6’15pm and by 7’15pm a section had left the area. They got through Leoforos Marathonas and escaped unscathed. Most of the escapees from cars who were directed into the dead end of Mati where on the beach front by 6’30pm where they stayed until midnight.

“The lady responsible for the childrens summer camps Ms Christina Vasiliou when she understood the fire could threaten the camp rang the head of the Firebrigade in the area. By luck she had his mobile as they were in constant communication in the last period. She asked him if the camp was threatened and he replies “According to my opinion it would be best for the kids to leave” At 6’15pm the kids had gathered at the desired place and at 7.15pm the first 150 kids had left”

‘The Evacuation No One knew Was Occurring’ Tania Georgopoulou Kathimerini 29.07.2018

Leoforos Marathonas police blockade due to the fire at 6.12pm

So how did 15 coaches get through roadblocks and escape when the fire was in full swing with smoke everywhere? Something isn’t right there either in the timing or in the story.

Like in every criminal act where the perpetrator is interviewed about where they were and what they did, this criminal act is being made up as it goes along and certain things don’t add up. There couldn’t have been an evacuation in those times simply because the roads were backed up with traffic, there was mayhem, why did these coaches get clearance through a road that was closed as it was unsafe but normal cars were re-directed into the highway of death in Mati?

For the story to work they left much earlier than 4pm so that would imply they knew there was going to be a fire, assumed they could evacuate them all but somewhere along the line it went haywire.

No order was also give to evacuate people from the sea only volunteers went there on their own. Why is the question? It appears they didn’t want professional people as they have professional equipment, eg high powered binoculars, camera recording equipment etc. and they didn’t want them in the area seeing things they shouldn’t. That can be the only explanation provided by the Defence Ministers statement to the BBC that NATO didn’t allow the Greek armed forces to act in the area.

Another media report states that deep sea divers were in the area by 9pm and they fished out dead bodies from the sea.

According to other reports the first reported dead were around 7.40pm and according to ANELs ex MP Dimitri Kammenos on Skai tv in the morning 31st July he stated 40 body bags were ordered on that evening, so its impossible for the govt. to not know they had mass casualties when they appeared on the tv at 11.30pm making an announcement that didn’t even mention any dead showing a case of being calm for a minor event. Tsipras wasn’t even in Greece but flew in that day from Bosnia so to what extent could this clown know what is going on is dubious as he spends most of his time reading from pre-pared scripts.

With 1000 houses burnt over 400 cars pulverised and yet trees still standing next to them in many areas the questions are more than the answers.

What is strange was that Kammenos as Defence Minister on the night in question was with the Russian Military Attache in a fish restaurant in Athens. Subsequently Lavrov makes a statement that Greece is being pushed into an anti-Russian line. The explanation on the event is that they must have met them to justify why they will be blamed?

Subsequently the Mayor of Rafina Bournas whose area isn’t Mati as it belongs to another clown called Psinaniks who is Mayor of Marathon (he was partying in Mykonos and despite being informed on Monday chose to not fly back to disturb his drug haze) claims the government forged papers and pretended he was in a meeting with another Mayor (area of Dionysos). It appears the Syriza government in attempting to defend its criminal role is trying to apportion blame down the chain of command for the Mayor of Rafina who isn’t the Fire Service, or the Port Authority or the Greek Army.

Citizens trapped by sea trying to cope with the smoke.

Videos have emerged of army helicopters being off the beach on Antenna TV 31st July 2018 where 500 odd people who managed to escape found themselves there and in the water.

Video which shows military helicopters when still daylight off the coast of Mati 1.30 and 2.57

Ex ANEL (Independent Greeks) then Syriza MP Rachel Makri tweeted ‘Criminals Resign you Murdered People. Scumbags tell us who gave the order for you to close Leoforos Marathonas and what time and how come you evacuated the summer camps and you couldnt evacuate the people?

There is also a link below with a newspaper feed on the net which speaks about the fires in Rafina at 12.38pm on 23rd January... How can that be?

Now why were the people not evacuated? For some reason or another they stayed either on the beach or in the water until after dark for hours. No other explanation can be provided. It appears the area was sealed off for some type of military experiment with over 100 Greeks and tourists paying the price with their lives.

31st July 2018
VN Gelis


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